Tom Hodges (tdhartist) wrote,
Tom Hodges

I am sick to my stomach right now...

I want to be as polite about this as I can. It was just brought to my attention that a good friend of mine is underfire by the media. I have to say I'm shocked as to how far it is going.

This is what the uproar is over:

My friend, Artist Adam Hughes designed this. Now, what I'm about to put below is Addressed to anyone offended by this... and I do this because everyone who HAS posted something about how offended they are by it either blocks people who have an opposite view or they twist their words to make it sound like we're just a bunch of rabid fanboy idiots!

Your inability to even have a sense of humor over the Sideshow/Hughes statue is ASTOUNDING! It's painfully obvious that all of you are missing the point of this playful, fun piece of art.
1. MJ has been everything from a stage Actress to a Lingerie model in the comics. You obviously don't or haven't read Spider-Man in the past 20 years or you'd know this.
2. She's not HAND WASHING the Spidey suit. She's finding it in a Laundry basket.
3. If you're upset she's not portraying MJ like Dunst in the movies... then you obviously have no idea who the MJ character really is. She's a supermodel, not some whiny waive thin tone deaf little girl. She's supposed to be stacked. 
Now I may be wrong, but ANYONE who complains about this piece obvious does NOT read Superhero comics. If you did, I'd consider you a hypocrite. I enjoy the Indie stuff (SiP and Lenore) but without Spider-man, X-Men and other comics, they wouldn't exist. Do you think Terry Moore is offended by this piece? I HIGHLY doubt it!
If you actually knew the artist and the reputation that follows him, you'd know he was a gracious man who respects women and has only been someone to show women who are strong and independent.

I can't tell you enough how disturbed I am that this "blog mess" made it on MSNBC, Fox News and Inside Edition. I also hope that anyone who feels the way I do right now will email these media outlets and voice your support for this amazing piece of art.

I hope that anyone with 1/2 a brain sees the piece for what it is, fun and playful. If you read anymore into it then that I feel very, very sorry for you.


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